TransitionSounds is an independent platform open to all types of electronic sounds. We explore and experiment different sides of electronic music that influence each other.

We are swimming across the river that links techno and trance, parents of present-day electronic sounds. The experimentation of sounds carried out by our artists, makes it difficult to label these tunes.

For you it might be dark minimal, deep tech-trance, progressive, or psychedelic. For us, it is simply high quality music, with capital letters. Ourr MUSIC is our ESSENCE!

There are interesting sounds in all our sections. Sometimes more deep, smart and with a stress on the importance of musicality. Other times warmer, with organic sounds, lines of funk, and atmospheres. And if you keep on listening, you will come across authentic and original psychedelic waves.

The musical skills of the producer, the passion he stamps on his work, together with the technique are the basic pieces in the creation of music. The purpose of our music is to express, transmit, and make the listener feel.

Trends and movements will come and go as they have always done. In fact, the inevitable convergence of the different styles will prove us right ;)

To us, high quality is essential in all the stages of the creative and technical process. We will never release any track that we do not really like, that does not have enough quality or that we are not really proud of. There are many ideas that die during the development. And so it must be.

TransitionSounds captures the essence of modern electronic music and brings it to your ears. Because we do believe in a responsible work and we are driven by the love we feel for this music,


            We have something to say in electronic future!

© 2020 TransitionSounds
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